Travel Information for Lebanon

Lebanon Surface : 10 452 Km²

Capital :  Beirut

Offical language : Arabic
Most Lebanese are at least bilingual. French and/or English are spoken by a large number of Lebanese.

Currency : Lebanese Pound (LBP).
Rate of exchange to the US Dollar: 1$ = 1500 LBP

Local Time
Lebanese time is GMT +2 in winter (November to April) and GMT +3 in summer (May to October).

Lebanon enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with an average of 300 sunny days a year.
- It rarely rains between June and September
- July and August are hot and humid with temperatures around 30°C
- Winters are generally cool with heavy rain on the coast and snow in the mountains, making Lebanon ideal for winter sports.

Highest point in Lebanon: Kornet el Sawda 3003 m above the sea level.

Electronic Banking: ATM machines are located all around Lebanon. The majority of credit cards are accepted.

Transportation: You can either use the public transports or what we call “Service”. The “Service” is somehow considered as a public taxi. They are very easy to find. For that, you just have to walk on the street and they will stop for you. The advantage is that they offer a fare rate: 2000-2500 LBP per person to go around in the same area.

You can also call a private taxi for your tranportation. The rate varies according to the distance.

Tourist Police: You can call the Tourist Police Office at the Ministry of Tourism if you need anything at +961 (0) 75 24 29.

Holidays with fixed dates
- New Year’s Day : January 1
- St Maroun’s Day : February 9
- Labor Day : May 1
- Martyr’s Day : May 6
- Resistence & Liberation Day : May 25
- Ascension Day : August 15
- All Saints Day : November 1
- Independence Day : November 22
- Christmas : December 25

Religious Holidays with moveable dates
- Catholic Good Friday
- Orthodox Good Friday
- Catholic Easter
- Orthodox Easter
- Moslem New Year
- Eid El Fitr -after the Holly month of Ramadan-
- Eid Al Adha -after the pilgrimage (hajj) to Mecca and Madina-
- Ashoura
- The Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday
- Ramadan -Holy month of fasting and charity celebrated by Moslems-